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Loose Shimmer & Glitter Set - Magic and Merriment

The Loose Shimmer was created for use wherever you’d like! Use as a shadow on the eyes, facial highlighting or mix with your lip-gloss. The finish is almost foil-like when worn full strength or subtly shimmery when used minimally. The shimmer is dimensional and loose to create an ethereal effect.
The Loose Glitter was created for use wherever you’d like! It can be used as a light dusting on the chest, hair, face, lips or carefully on the eye lid area. *Use extra caution when using glitter on/or near the eye area in case of possible eye irritation.

Shade: Open Sesame
Colour Description: Metallic tomato with a slight holographic pearl
Finish: Shimmer

Shade: Bewitch
Colour Description: Light holographic with a pink effect
Finish: Glitter

Shade: Blaze
Colour Description: Orange with a slightly red effect
Finish: Glitter

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