Blame Your Tools!

The secret to flawless make-up is not purchasing the most expensive brand you can find (although, there is a bit of truth in the adage "you get what you pay for..."). When it comes down to it, if you simply throw the product at your face it is going to look like a 4-year-old helped with your application no matter how much you paid for the products. The secret is using the correct tools when applying these products.

So much emphasis is placed on the make-up products that we should buy, and not much time is given to highlighting the importance of applying it correctly. The number one error that women make with make-up application is using inferior tools and expecting to be able to create a masterpiece.

Be honest, that little sponge-applicator that was included in the eye shadow quad you bought last year has been the only thing you've used when trying to recreate that smokey-eye look that you saw in a magazine. Somehow you've never managed to get it quite right and you’ve started to believe that you’re just not that good at applying make-up.

With high quality make-up brushes anyone can master make-up artistry. Having the right tools makes refining your skills a lot simpler.

Here are the key differences between high-end brushes and low-cost applicators:

  • Material – High-end brushes have bristles made from highly refined synthetic materials, as well as animal hair. The material is chosen based on the function of the brush. Synthetic bristles are used for the application of liquid products, as it doesn't absorb the product, and animal hair is used for the application of powder products, as it picks up and holds onto more of product. Low-cost brushes are generally made from cheaper synthetic materials that are hard and do not perform as needed.
  • Shape – High-end, professional make-up brushes are all designed with a specific function in mind. The purpose of each brush determines the density of the bristles, as well as the shape of the brush. Brushes have rounded, tapered, angled, flattened, fluffy, or compacted bristles (to name a few) based on what specific application the brush is meant for. For instance, a brush to apply eye shadow to the entire lid will have short, dense, rounded bristles, but the brush for blending your colours will have longer, fluffy bristles.
  • Function – Professional brushes are created by artists who regularly encounter challenges with make-up application. This means that in a line of professional brushes there will be a large variety of brushes that will ensure that all your personal needs are catered for. Whether you prefer a larger shading brush to apply eye shadow to the entire lid or a smaller one for more precise product-placement, you will be able to find it.    
  • Durability – It seems kind of obvious that the high-end make-up brushes would last longer than the low-cost versions, but it is something that is important to mention. Good quality brushes do not lose their bristles, nor do they lose their shape. With proper care your brushes will remain as soft and as beautiful as the day you purchased them.

Starting your makeup brush collection is simple: select a kit of brushes specially compiled to fulfill a specific function. Once you have used these brushes a few times you will soon realise what else you can add to your collection to make your make-up application an enjoyable experience!

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