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Guide to Colour Correctors

December 03, 2013

How often have you stood at a beauty counter, stared at all the different colour-correcting products, and thought: “Whaaaaat?”

Highlighting and contouring are receiving a lot of attention lately, with many new products on the market that cater for this. If you’re going to all that effort to add dimension to your face, surely you should be concentrating on evening out your skin tone too.

Here is a quick guide on which colours to use in which areas:

Yellow: Used to even out areas that are too pink or have a slight purple tinge on light complexions, or to adjust a foundation that is too pink. 
Orange: Used to reduce the appearance of dark circles, or to adjust a foundation that is too light.
Peach: Used to balance out areas that have a blue undertone and brighten up a slightly dull complexion if you have a medium to dark complexion.

Pink: Used to offset areas that have a green undertone, or to adjust a foundation that is too yellow.

Purple: Used to brighten skin that has a yellow undertone.

Green: Used to cover areas that have red or very pink undertone, or zones that have blemishes.

 Apply colour-correcting products after your primer, and before your foundation. Then apply highlight products and a contouring bronzer. 

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