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Eye Liner Defined

November 27, 2013

As much as what there are no rules for applying make-up “correctly”, there certainly are a ton of guidelines that you should follow if you want to truly enhance your features and not just end up looking like you’re experimenting

When you put an outfit together, you carefully weigh up how the different pieces will look when worn together: are your shoes the right height for the length of your pants? Does the colour of your scarf match the colour of your handbag? Does the overall outfit flatter your frame? There are hundreds of questions that you ask yourself every morning when getting dressed – and this should be no different when applying your make-up.

Make-up colour choices should be based on your skin colour & tone, your eye colour as well as the colour of your hair. This is especially true for eye make-up. It may be tempting to go wild and purchase all the season’s new trend colours, but make sure that they suit you. If a grass-green top would ordinarily not look good on you, then there is a good chance you should not wear bright green eye shadow.

A good guideline to follow when selecting colours is to make sure that the eye shadow and the eye liner don’t over power your eye colour. You want to enhance, not hide. Using a colour that draws the emphasis to your make-up rather than your own features is counter-active.

Blue Eyes
Enhance your eyes: Use a neutral brown or bronze eye liner – it warms up the blue, and works as a contrast.
Dramatically define your eyes: Use a deep blue or a dark green eye liner.
Eye shadow colours: Taupe, grey, purple, violet, soft pink.

Green and Hazel Eyes
Enhance your eyes: Use a dark brown or bronze eye liner – same as with blue eyes, these colours work well to contrast your eye colour.
Dramatically define your eyes: Use a purple eye liner.
Eye shadow colours: Shimmery purples, lavender, plum, burgundy, copper and gold.

Brown Eyes
Enhance your eyes: Use a charcoal grey eye liner – this will make the brown of your eyes look rich and deep.
Dramatically define your eyes: Try either a champagne or a deep khaki green eye liner.
Eye shadow colours: People with brown eyes are fortunate to be able to wear almost any colour and have it look good: copper, amber, deep blue and olive green.

Black eye liner works with any colour eye, as does the classic smokey-eye. For a glam twist to your smokey-eye look, try blending in a dark colour from the above list for your eye colour to make your eyes stand out even more.

Eye make-up requires a bit of practice in order to get it right, but starting with the correct colours will help to make your application easier. What colours do you find works best for your eye colour?

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