Guide to Selecting Make-up Brushes, Part Two

Today we continue our guide to selecting brushes by focusing on make-up brushes for your eyes.

Eye Shadow Base: E45. Without a doubt, the E45 is the right shape, and size to apply small quantities of eye shadow base to the eye lid. The fluffiness of the brush is then perfect to blend the eye shadow base out evenly over the whole eyelid. Use small, circular motions to create a smooth finish.

Eye Shadow – overall application: E55. The E55 has strong, dense bristles which are great to pick up colour and place it onto your eyelid. Use one side to press your first colour onto the lid, and turn the brush over to use the other side for your second colour. 

Eye Shadow – Blending: E40/ E35/ E25. Use the E40, E35 or the slightly smaller E25 to blend your colours and smooth out the lines. Use a neutral colour on the brush to transition the colours even more smoothly.

Outer Corner, Crease: E30. The soft, tapered shape makes applying your accent colour to the corner of the eye very simple, and precise. Use the E30 brush to then apply the same colour to your crease to define it.

Inner Corner, brow bone: E70. Apply your highlight colour to the brow bone easily with this angled brush. Using the tip of the angle apply the same highlighter colour to the inner corner of your eye to brighten the little pocket up.

Smudging Eye liner (kohl):E20. When creating a smokey-eye look, you’ll want to smudge your kohl liner. The E20 is small and precise and can be used to add eye shadow to the line to set it. 

Eye Liner Gel: E65 or E05. Both the E65 and the E05 work really well for applying eyeliner, however, the E65 is easier to use if you are trying gel liner for the first time. The wider bristles mean you can place the brush on the lash line and make a small “print” of where you want to place the liner, and slowly work from there. The E05 is for you if you are familiar with liquid and gel liners and comfortable in applying these products.

Eyebrows: E75 and E80. Use the E75 to fill in your eyebrows with a brow powder, and the E80 to brush your brows into shape. If you prefer to use a brow pencil to fill in your brows, simply use the E80 to shape first, and the after you’ve applied the pencil to even out the colour. 

This guide is not to say that you cannot use these brushes for other applications, or use other brushes for these applications. This is simply what we have found works well for us- and tend to be our “go-to” brushes. The beauty of building a collection is that you can add to that collection to your heart’s content – and with such a huge selection (which Sigma adds to all the time!), there are endless possibilities!

Which brushes can you absolutely not live without?

Turquoise Studio
Turquoise Studio


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