Guide to Selecting Make-up Brushes, Part One.

No matter which way you look at it, it’s always going to be a good idea to invest in some high quality make-up brushes. And yes, it is most certainly an investment. If you build your collection properly, and look after your brushes, you will have joy out of them for many years to come.

Turquoise Studio gets asked regularly which make-up brushes we would recommend, or which brushes we think you should buy to start a luxury collection. It’s very clear that we recommend Sigma Beauty make-up brushes above other brands – you simply cannot get better quality brushes, with such a huge selection. The next step is then working out which brush you would use to achieve the result that you want.

We have compiled a guide for you to help you to select which brushes to purchase. Today we focus on the brushes for your face:


Face Primer: F60. The firm, slightly tapered bristles of the F60 work well to apply primer to the entire face. The brush fits easily into all corners and contours of the face, making your application smooth and even without wasting product.

Eye Primer: F75. The small, tapered tip helps to apply primer into the small area of the eye.

Liquid Foundation: F80. Nothing comes close to the smooth, even application of liquid foundation of the F80 Flat Kabuki. The synthetic bristles don’t absorb your product, which means there is no waste, and the dense, flat bristles give a beautiful buffed finish.

Concealer: F70 and E25. Use the F70 to apply the concealer to the areas you’d like to cover, and once the concealer is on your skin and slightly warm, use the E25 to blend it out softly. The E25 works especially well under the eyes and around the nose to blend the concealer into the surrounding area so that it covers, but doesn’t collect and magnify fine lines.

Powder: F50. This is the choice-brush to softly set your foundation with your powder. The duo-fibre bristles of the F50 pick up a good amount of product and apply it in a way that will not look caked-on, but rather light and airbrushed.

Contour: F25. Use this tapered brush to apply your darker contour shade in a more precise manner on your temples and cheeks.

Highlight: F35. The shape and the smaller size of the F35 allows for controlled placement of the highlight powder, giving you a finish that has a soft, natural glow.

Blush: F40. The angle and the soft roundness of the bristles makes the F40 the best make-up brush for applying blush to the cheekbones. Because of its shape, the F40 picks up small amounts of product allowing you to apply subtle colour to your cheeks and to gradually build it up if you wish.

In our next post we will list the brushes that we recommend for your eyes. Make sure you don’t miss it!

Turquoise Studio
Turquoise Studio


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